Tree Planting


We opt to help you donate a tree to the planet as a special gift on your birthday. It’s quite simple, enter your personal information, pick a plant and date, then you submit the information to which we will reply via email. The amount along with further details will be notified via email.

Why should you plant a tree on your birthday?

The air we breathe is created by the trees around us, they keep us alive. It helps clean the air that is polluted on a daily basis. Planting a tree is beneficial to erase the damage caused by humans everyday. Be it traveling, using an electronic or tech device etc. They all cater to leaving a CO2 footprint. You can help make a change by planting a tree on your special day.

Almost everything we do daily generates CO2 and adds up to the increase of pollution which leads to climate change and global erosion. You can do something to save our planet by planting a tree. A donation made today as a gift for the future and for a better life for the next generation, a better world ultimately.


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